Sometimes, my body and mind get slower. It feels a little like I’m suffocating slowly. When I can breath properly, I drink up the Living Water by the gulps. I lavish in it and feel revived. But it’s hard to drink water when you can’t breath properly.

Elijah was afraid. He ran. I think Elijah was depressed too. He slept a lot under a tree. He asked God to take away his life. Elijah, a great prophet and man of God didn’t want to live anymore, so God let him sleep. He only awoke Elijah so he could eat and drink – God took care of Elijah’s physical needs so he could have time to recoup emotionally. Then, he had Elijah wake, eat and drink and begin a forty day journey. Elijah went forty days and nights sustained by nothing but the food the Lord had provided prior to the journey.

When air is scarce and I begin to beg for clouds to block out the taunting sunlight, my bed with all of its softness is my tree. Its there that I consume shallow media so I don’t have to think, because thinking can lead to panic. The blankets are warm and sleep is all around me.


It was from my bed that I once asked God if I was really His daughter because I didn’t feel like it anymore.

Right now, the air is plentiful and I’m swimming in Life, so I’m searching for crumbs to create a stockpile. Like Elijah, I want to be sustained when I’m afraid. I know God will care for me in the same way, but I need to store up His bread so I’m prepared.


How much more will sustain me?


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