I can’t find my Piolet G2 .038 pen right now so I’m going to journal here thanks for the alternative form of processing steve jobs and probably bill gates and idk was warren buffet an internet guy or did he just invest in stocks to get rich? who invented the tools i’m currently using to do this? shout out to you.

Most of Jesus’ life isn’t in the Bible. I’m ashamed at how much that fact astounds me. Of course His ministry was more than we read. Of course. Jesus learned how to be a carpenter. Could you imagine the interactions between Him and the people who commissioned His work? Don’t you think His words fell upon them like sweet honey? He probably learned from Joseph with so much grace and obedience. God in the flesh humbling himself to learn a human trade when He never needed to learn. Jesus saw the good in submitting to His earthly parents. Of course His ministry began much earlier than we see in the Bible.

In fact, Jesus didn’t commit His greatest act until He was thirty-three. Thirty years of His life are unaccounted for in the Word. We don’t read about His everyday actions. But knowing our Jesus, I bet each of His days were extraordinary.

I’ll be thirty-three in ten years. What am I doing with all of my in-between days as I inch closer to my dreams, to where I want to be? The in-between days sculpted Jesus into who He needed to become in order to do what He was destined to do. Are my in-between days sculpting me so I can become the person I can become because of His love?



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